With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly commonplace, Snap Products’ range of power banks are the ideal vehicle for promoting a brand. As we all come to rely on our portable companions, battery life is a constant concern, making a power bank the ideal techie gift.

Snap Products’ power banks are available in full-colour printed packaging for the ultimate in branding impact.

The Pulsar power bank is compact and highly portable, yet provides a generous print area for full-colour or spot colour printing to its four sides, while the Evo 2200 also has a keychain attachment to keep it to hand. Both power banks will fully charge an iPhone or give a 60-90% charge to other models.

The Fusion is a premium aluminium power bank with an executive look. It can be laser engraved or printed with spot colours on all four sides. And like most of Snap Products’ power banks, it charges at least 60% of a phone’s battery in one go.

All these power banks are ROHS, CE and FCC certified and come with a one-year warranty. A Micro SD-USB charging cable is supplied with every model.

Because Snap Products are at the forefront of digital printing, they can offer power banks with customised packaging on an industry-leading 3-day dispatch.

Call the Snap Products Sales Team on 01252 79 860 or email sales@snapproducts.co.uk for more information.