Diamond Branded has brought to our attention a potential scam email, that has targeted a few distributor companies within the industry.


This will usually come in by quote req, by the name of Nelson (a surname is never provided).

The enquiry received was for 500 gift sets for delivery to Douala, Littoral, Cameroon by 6th Feb 2018
The order value is always over £1500.

Diamond Branded had repeated emails from him – changing spec and then dates.

The customer was not willing to give a telephone number – claiming he would pay by BACS – not credit card from Cameroon.

Diamond advised that a UK address was required and payment from UK in sterling, he then provided the below address.

FabAfriq Ltd  – logo was supplied for this brand

FabAfriq Ltd
183 Overdale Road

Diamond also advised they would only deliver to Birmingham address, he pushed for shipping to Cameroon repeatedly, then disappeared.

He seemed confused on the stages of conversations as if he was having multiple conversations with different distributors.

He has come back today with a very similar req – but this time delivery is to be the 3rd March, ( he seems to be doing the rounds) as soon as Diamond mention they have dealt with him in the past, he disappears again.

Thankfully no orders were processed for him, however the industry should be aware.




A separate case is an email that was sent to Something Dfferent Ltd, disguising themselves as a quote request from York Uni:


Hi Sales,

Our Institution acting with full responsibility as a potential buyer of your extensive line of products and services hereby submit a Request for quote per the


Twister 16GB Flash Drive———–5000 units

Note: In addition to the above,Our Institution standard Payment terms:Net 30 days from the date of the supplier’s Invoice.


Rob Allan

Procurement Manager

Procurement Office,

University of York

1st Floor Helix House,

Heslington, York,




Something Different are currently working with York Uni to deal with this, however please be aware if you receive this that it is fraudulent.