Yes, it’s already time to start planning for the upcoming “back to school” season! While students and parents won’t be busy prepping for a new school year until the summer, now’s the time for brands to get plans in action for promotions to ensure ample lead time for their needs. We’re here to help accelerate your time-to-market for the top-rated school necessities we have in our back-to-school series:

Tunstall’ Backpack: Stylish backpack with padded sleeve for accommodating tablet/laptop & mesh bottle holders. Perfect for students with multiple digital devices.

Knockholt’ Reflective Drawstring Bag: Durable, reusable and reliable drawstring bag for carrying books, tablets and more for school. Stand out right away with the reflective design!

Halstead Backpack: Durable, high-quality backpack that helps store essentials safely. Different compartments provide great orgainsation and easy access to important items.

Learn more about our backpack and drawstring bag product series. All the products can be easily customised as personalised gifts.

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