Global supplier of promotional merchandise Outstanding Branding held their first ever Graduate Assessment Day this month, as they continue with their ground breaking Graduate Training Scheme.

Held at Prospero House near London Bridge, the full day session was designed to further narrow down the applicants for the role, and allow the Outstanding Branding management team to select the very best to begin the Graduate Training Scheme this month. The day comprised a range of tasks and tests, each designed in conjunction with the company’s business coach, Juliette Brown, to assess each candidate against the skills and attributes they would need to be successful Account Executives within the industry.

“The importance of recruiting and nurturing new talent is crucial for the continued success of any ambitious organisation, and Outstanding Branding’s Graduate trainee recruitment programme shows the company’s commitment of investing in the future stars of their business”, commented Brown. “These successful candidates now have the exciting prospect of learning from the best on the new OB Graduate Trainee Sales Programme the company are launching this month.”

The applicants all commented that the day had been an enjoyable experience, with many mentioning how warm and welcoming the OB team had been throughout.

“Holding a graduate assessment day was another milestone in the evolution of Outstanding Branding”, commented Sarah Penn, Outstanding Branding’s CEO. “We are looking to take exceptional graduates with raw talent, and train, nurture, and coach them into the best promotional merchandise account managers they can be. Our first assessment day surpassed my expectations in terms of the quality of candidates and the fantastic event the team put on.”

After comparing the candidates’ performance at the various tasks and tests, and taking into account the personality profiling that had been conducted on the day, the graduate applicants were whittled down to final interview stages; and two candidates were offered places on the course.

The course begins this month, with Sales Manager Chris Dawson heading up the training programme.

“It has been a huge desire of mine to implement a graduate programme since I became Sales Manager at Outstanding Branding”, says Dawson. “I pride myself in helping people grow and succeed within my team, so I can’t wait to execute the whole process.”

It is anticipated that the Graduate Training Scheme will become an annual event, bringing in new raw talent to the industry.

More information on Outstanding Branding’s promotional merchandise is available at, where details of the complete range of products and services offered can also be found.