Award-winning Distributor Outstanding Branding, have recently returned from the USA’s largest trade show of the summer; the ASI Show.

Hosted by the Advertising Speciality Institute; America’s “largest media, marketing and education organization serving the advertising specialty industry”; the event watches 20,000 visitors descend each year onto five different locations across America to discover the latest and most unique products, to attend the industry’s largest education conference and to take advantage of non-stop networking opportunities.

As part of the Sourcing City Purple Club delegation, both Sarah Penn (Managing Director) and Andy Thorne (Sales Director) were fortunate enough to travel to Chicago to attend the show earlier on this month. The business trip had two focussed goals in place. First, was for Outstanding Branding to establish a truly global supply chain to supplement their offering to their EMEA customer base. This strategic move would allow the company to produce and deliver within the US, rather than producing in EMEA and shipping to the US; ensuring a reduced time, cost and carbon footprint, and not to mention eliminating potential customs hold ups.

Second of all was to establish partnerships with distributors across the pond. This move would allow the company to offer a real local knowledge to clients with any type of requirement in the US, whether it’s a one-off event they need a product for, or a global scheme that needs fully managing.

Both Penn and Thorne also attended the education day which included seminars on how to use LinkedIn to network, the benefits of Social Media, how to grow your business and what the latest trends within the industry are. Towards the end of their stay they welcomed an invitation to attend the Counselor Awards. The black tie event was indeed an event to behold, with the predominant focus of the evening coming down to the importance of people; a core value at Outstanding Branding.

With Outstanding Branding’s recent ASI membership which provides access to all of the best-in-class recommended suppliers for the full US product range, and key relationships being secured, we can confidently say that the trip was a huge success for both the present and the future of the company.