An enthusiastic gathering of distinguished distributors and suppliers attended the fun-filled Sourcing City Marketplace Networking Dinner at The Village Hotel in Farnborough on Wednesday 21st September 2016.

As people enjoyed the pre-dinner drinks and meal they were surprised by Del Boy and Rodney crashing into the room to perform the first act of the ‘Only Fools & Three Courses Show’. Throughout the evening, the performance continued with additional appearances from Boyce & Marlene, Uncle Albert, and Raquel. The laughter was palpable throughout the room. At the same time, the international guests and under 25’s general sat bemused at what was happening, as people on their tables tried to explain!

After the main course, the frisbees that had been used for each table place setting were soon unfolded, as an ‘industry frisbee war’ erupted. Around a couple of hundred frisbees were hurled back and forth across the room as the eternal child in industry professionals came out!

During Promotional Products Week, the BPMA were aiming to raise £10,000 from the trade to help fight pancreatic cancer. The charity fund was around £770 short and the guests were asked to donate to hit the target. People were extremely generous, and after collecting the donation buckets Gordon discovered that the target had been hit. Sourcing City then added another £250 for good measure. All at the BPMA send their thanks to everyone who generously put their hands in their pocket for this worthy cause.

Next September, SC Marketplace is joining forces with the BPMA Show to create a new powerhouse event for the industry, and the evening will become The BPMA Awards Dinner.

A detailed announcement on this exciting new industry event will be made later in the year – we hope to see you there!