Merchandise World (A BPMA and Sourcing City event) recently carried out a survey of their members and customers. The results provided some interesting feedback which can be read below.

However… whilst there was majority support from respondents for another Merchandise World Exhibition in the early part of 2018, only 114 distributors and 101 Suppliers took part in the first survey – and it is not felt we have sufficient feedback to risk membership funds or to take the commercial risk yet, if at all.

So, all BPMA Members, Sourcing City Customers and Purple Club Members are being asked to answer another few simple questions (Including those who participated last time, so if you participated last time, please do so again – the questions are different!).

Based on the volume and outcome of responses a final decision will be made on creating a Merchandise World Exhibition in Jan/Feb 2018 or not – The view of BPMA Members, Sourcing City Customers and Purple Club Members is critical to the decision that we will make, and not participating may result in an outcome the trade do not want.

The only reason Merchandise World are doing these surveys is because a number of our members/customers have asked us to do a ‘Trade Exclusive Exhibition’ in the early part of the year – We only want to do it if it is in the best interests of the trade, and the majority of our members/customers want the same.

Please Note: Merchandise World 2017 will take place in September 2017 regardless of any decisions made as a result of this survey.

All BPMA Members, Sourcing City Customers and Purple Club Members are asked to complete this survey no later than 12noon This Friday 3rd March 2017 please click here.


Merchandise World Survey 1 Results

 Invited Participants: BPMA Members, Sourcing City Customers and Purple Club Members.

  • The majority of survey participants (Both suppliers and distributors) would like to attend one Merchandise World event in one year. However, 36% preferred two Merchandise Events in one year.
  • Two Day events were significantly more popular than one day events.
  • Preferred timing for an early exhibition were January or February. A second exhibition was felt best in September.
  • The Midlands was seen as the best location for an early year and Autumn exhibition. It is also worth noting that 40% of distributors favoured a Southern based second exhibition in the September.
  • 97% of distributors plan to attend, or are considering attending Merchandise World in September 2017.


Why is Merchandise World doing these surveys?

The BPMA and Sourcing City came together to form the joint venture Merchandise World after both were running successful industry events. It is clear that these two organisations are totally focused on the professional distributor sales channel through professional suppliers, and are always looking to provide whatever support and services that the industry wants.

In recent weeks we have been asked by a good number of suppliers and distributors whether another Merchandise World could be held in the early part of the year.

A decision like this cannot be based on the views of a few, hence we are embarking upon this survey to gauge the feelings of all BPMA Members and Sourcing City Customers.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, they really matter.