B&H Colour Change has today launched a new advanced system of temperature sensing colour change technology for the promotions market. The new Digitemp® technology has been applied to the Company’s full range of brandable promotional thermometer cards.
Benefitted by the unique British technology, not used elsewhere in the world, the new thermometers display an accurate moving colour changing temperature scale which is easy to read because of the individual varying colour changes. A first of its kind.

Gilly Beaumont, Marketing Manager, comments: “Our British Made thermometer cards really do make exceptional long-term promotional items and as active working products they inform and communicate directly with their target audience on a continuous daily basis. These adaptable powerful products can tie into any brand or company and as they are on view each and every day they keep branding alive for a long time making them extremely cost effective as a promotional tool.”

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of temperature sensitive promotional products these striking thermometer cards are used for accurate temperature monitoring within the home or business/office environment for use within numerous market sectors such as medical, pharmaceutical, baby, food and beverage, energy & conservation. All are brandable from just 500 pieces upwards.
Visit www.tlc-line.com to view the company’s full range of brandable colour change, temperature sensitive products and see how Temperature Can Get Your Brand Noticed

‘Promote your company today with great British technology.’
For further information, please contact:
Gilly Beaumont, B&H Colour Change.



T: 01244 817107