Earlier this week the latest recruits at The Cotton Textile Company and Simple Sourcing combined their Promotional Office software training course in the City Suite at Sourcing City HQ in Farnborough.

Whether a supplier or distributor; the business of promotional merchandise is two sides of the same coin and working together is of course what it’s all about.

Suppliers and distributors necessarily manage their processes for their own day to day business operations; however having a system that visibly mirrors underlying core principles for both sides of the trade can drive for even more efficient outcomes. The possibilities to develop connections on a common platform is a given, but simply knowing that a supplier or distributor is working to the same proven standards is going to enhance communications, and ultimately the business relationship.

The promotional Office Team were delighted to welcome Gill Moloney (left to right) from Simple Sourcing, with Keighley Luff and Claire Eaton from The Cotton Textile Company who completed a full day at Sourcing City’s training suite with Louise Harding. They now join over 400 people in the trade who use Promotional Office Software on a daily basis.

For more information about Promotional Office and how it can support your business as a Supplier or Distributor please contact Steve Carroll on 01252 701092steve@promotionaloffice.co.uk