The Event Merchandising team covered thousands of miles globally and has expanded rapidly selling merchandise in countries such as Uruguay, China, Argentina, The USA and covering almost every country in Europe.

Millions of people have worn event merchandising products including the Rugby World Cup, Disney projects, James Bond, Formula E, Tough Mudder, Capital Radio, Star Wars. Also working with companies such as Visa, DHL and collaborating with some very creative agencies.

Individual project highlights include recently manufacturing 140,000 high end acrylic dominos manufactured in the UK within two weeks and sent all over Europe, along with manufacturing 500,000 noise makers for the Rugby World Cup supporting promotional campaigns. As well as facilitating lots of one off orders using digital printing.
2016 is looking to be another stellar year with the approach of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

We would like to thank our wonderful clients, our crew, design and production teams and most importantly dozens of our amazing suppliers (you know who you are) who played a pivotal part in making these projects come to fruition.

Have a Happy New Year!