Senator, the world’s largest promotional pen brand announced a global re-launch on the eve of PSI in Dusseldorf. With an online clock ticking off the hours and minutes, a packed waterside venue in the heart of the city heard how the shape of Senator was about to change forever…

The audience (containing distributors and staff from all seven continents) were treated to an array of audio and visual delights which culminated in a standing ovation. Dr Christian Korte, Senator’s global CEO commented “it is normal for promotional suppliers to speak about their new offerings at the beginning of the year, but Senator now has so much to show and tell that our new brand message is, how you say, mind-boggling!”

With the theme of how Senator has continuously provided more to the promotional industry, the evening kicked off with Senator’s logo and colour scheme and its new strap line, ‘Extramoredinary since 1920’. It then proceeded to outline how the provision of more is about to explode in its markets worldwide, with an exciting new colour palette containing over 50 standard colours across four different finishes on its new line, the ‘LIBERTY’® including an impressive new ‘Soft®Touch’ surface option. This huge array of standard colour options has also been expanded to the best selling ‘Challenger’ range , which now represents the largest standard colour variants of any pen line from any manufacturer globally (including an ECO version).

It’s not all about ’50 shades of more’ either. Senator’s coveted ‘mix and match’ permutations now exceed 1 million for the Challenger range!! All pens will soon be fitted with the beautifully smooth new ‘Magic Flow’ ® refill (developed exclusively by Senator) in dual-capacity formats. If these stats were not enough to cope with, Senator also revealed how each line can be pantone matched from just 500 pieces!

On it went, as the audience were then advised that Senator has recently invested heavily in new digital technology and has now built an amazing machine which can produce in gradients and in a very high definition (senator®digital). The only one of its type in the world, this machine provides a level of clarity which cannot currently be matched elsewhere, including an in-built raised surface finish which gives a 3d-like effect to certain logos and images. To make it easier to purchase HD and, indeed, any of its ranges, Senator will soon be producing ‘all-inclusive’ distributor pricing models in all of its markets

The news just kept on coming…..Senator has now engaged Designworks USA, the company which creates the car designs for BMW ….that will now be designing pens exclusively for Senator. A quick glimpse of a new upcoming line was flashed on the screens (with a loud fanfare) before being whipped-off fairly quickly! If that wasn’t enough, the audience were then advised that Designworks would be involved in developing a new Senator service called ‘Your Personal Pen’ for distributors who have brands wishing to develop total design exclusivity.

Finally, a whole new web site was launched live at the event, with the news that Senator is now ‘.com’ for all of its worldwide markets. is great for tablets with screen enlargement, reduction, and swiping available throughout , including a facility where Senator’s audio-dynamic films can be instantly downloaded and sent on to clients.

Suffice to say, the new-look Senator stand at PSI was extremely busy throughout. Andrew Hill, Managing Director, commented “when we received the exceptional ovation at the launch event I knew we had struck an amazing chord. Sure enough, the very next day people were coming on to the stand saying ‘I’ve heard the news…tell me more’. Well more is clearly something we have plenty of, and we are excited to tell everyone about it….”.

With a blend of experience, competence, creativity and future-oriented zeal, Senator seem to have wrapped it up nicely in their new strap line; ‘Extramoredinary. Since 1920’.