Two Merchandise World exhibitions will take place during the next 12 months for professional distributors at a venue in the Midlands.

To ensure quality visitors for Merchandise World exhibitors, only professional distributors are invited. The Visitor Policy below details who will, and will not, qualify for an invitation.

Visitor Overview: All BPMA Members, Sourcing City Customers, Purple Club and Catalogue Group Members are invited free to Merchandise World – this represents around 400 professional distributor companies, employing over 2000 sales people and with a market spend in excess of £600m.

Other professional distributors can be invited for free entry by exhibiting suppliers, or can attend by paying £100, or having an appointment with the BPMA to discover why they should be in our trade association.


Merchandise World Visitor Policy

1. Free Invite for all leaders and team members in (c.400) Professional Distributor Companies who are BPMA Members, SC Customers or Purple Club Members:

a) Distributor companies must be either be Members of the BPMA, a paying Sourcing City Customer, or a Purple Club Member to qualify for a Free Invitation.

b) No limit on number of company personnel able to attend.

2. Catalogue Group Members:

a) If a Catalogue Group is a member of BPMA or Purple Club, then all of their members can attend Merchandise World.


3. Other Professional Distributors: Professional distributor companies not qualifying by being members or customers of any of the above, can pay an Admission Fee of *£100 in advance or by cash on the door providing:

a) They have a promotional merchandise turnover in excess of £100k – or

b) They pre-book an appointment to meet with the BPMA at Merchandise World. (*£100 Admission Fee refundable against any future BPMA Membership within 6 months of the event.)


4. Exhibiting Suppliers can request invitations are sent to professional distributors that do not qualify, but that they would like to attend.


5 .Overseas Professional Distributors:

a) Should any overseas professional distributors meet the entry criteria, or anyone seen of particular value for exhibitors to meet, then they can be admitted.


6. End Users are not invited or admitted to Merchandise World.


7. Suppliers who are not exhibiting are not admitted to Merchandise World.

a) Whilst we appreciate some suppliers may like to see the exhibition before deciding to exhibit, it is considered unfair on paying exhibitors if they were admitted and potentially met distributors.


Definition of Professional Distributor

A Professional Distributor is defined as: ‘A company who has a dedicated focus and infrastructure to professionally facilitate the sale of promotional merchandise to end users’. (*Dedicated = Promotional merchandise office and dedicated team + website.)