Having published the article below in December, we have been made aware that another ‘company’ is at it again. This time the ‘company’ call themselves Hybrid Prolists and they do not even have a functioning website. (www.hybridprolists.com)

Amusingly, they are even offering to sell a level of information that we do not have ourselves!  Their email could also do with a little more work, the sentence extract; “you could purchase list at very less price.” is certainly not the best grammar.

It goes without saying that they do not have the Merchandise World visitor list.



Merchandise World Data is Never for Sale – Published 7th December 2018


It has been brought to our attention that a company is claiming to be selling a Visitors List relating to Merchandise World 2019.

Merchandise World do not, and never will sell any data connected to Merchandise World.


The emailers claim to be selling; ‘complete contact information up to date’, which we doubt to be the case. If they do have any data at all, this could not have been obtained legitimately.

The emails we know of so far, and which are promoting this sale are from; nile.smith@etecbizleads.com) and lucy.maria@etecbizleads.com.  There may also be others that have been received by some in the trade. These emails are a clear breach of GDPR, and I am sure once we take legal advice, other laws will have been broken.


We have requested immediate written assurance that they will refrain from selling any data relating to Merchandise World, and destroy whatever it is they claim to hold relating to Merchandise World. This must be done today.

We also note that the emails contain no address or telephone contact details and the website www.etecbizleads.com contains nothing explaining who or what the business is. This is hardly the profile of a legitimate business.