Senator are out to make an impression with another worldwide exclusive. Their patented Glossy Impression printing process revolutionises the look of frosted glass drinkware by creating a contrasting surface with a transparent finish.

“The way in which Glossy Impression allows both text and images to shine on glass is quite magical, and with its large print area, this printing process is perfect for novel advertising campaigns”, said Lynn Corrigan, Senator UK & Ireland Marketing Manager.

Available on the Senator Frozen Mug, Frozen Cup, Juice, Purity Glass and Frozen Star, Glossy Impression brings effortless style to Senator’s contemporary branded drinkware, setting it apart from anything else that is available on the promotional market.

This unique process is both microwave and dishwasher safe and there is no limit to the amount of times it can be washed, which typifies Senator’s ability to combine form and function without compromising either.

Just like their German engineered writing instruments, Senator’s drinkware combines original design, outstanding functionality and unmistakable quality – high impact advertising at its best.