A good start in the first quarter ensures a smooth year. As major conferences take place in the next few months, now is the time to stock up on quality conference bags for your brand to shine in the busiest season.

Bagco Asia have sourced the best product to help you grab that shining moment – the Dargate Jute Bags. They are beautiful, durable, perfect for conference season, thanks to the following features:

1. Strength that looks good
The Dargate jute totes are made from “golden fibre” jute, which has a beautiful, natural pattern and is strong enough to handle heavy duty shopping. Better yet, it comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

2. An easy level-up for your CSR efforts
A CSR strategy needs to be implemented on every single occasion and conferences are no exception. That’s why when it comes to conferences our jute bags always fit the bill. They are biodegradable and sustainable, leaving minimal impact to the environment. Bagco Asia spends ample time ensuring our manufacturers maintain high sustainability standards.

3. Ready to be customised for your brands
Jute is the best choice for customisation. It can be blended with other fibres such as cotton and wool, and it’s always ready to be dyed into whatever colours that best suit your brand.

Check out their Dargate product line. Let the golden fibre help your brand shine through the whole year!