Promotional products and branded clothing specialist Recognition Express Mid Surrey has supplied a consignment of eye-catching ice scrapers to a community garage in Surbiton.

The garage in Red Lion Road has been open for six months. Whilst it offers top quality repairs and service to the local community at affordable rates, its main purpose is to provide training opportunities for young and disadvantaged people.

Explained Sally Findlay, owner of Recognition Express Mid-Surrey: “The owner of the community garage wanted a promotional product that would be relevant to his business and at the same time cost effective and practical. The ice scrapers have gone down really well as almost everyone gets caught out on that first frosty morning with nothing to clear the windscreen.

I love the concept of Community Motors and hope the business does really well. Acquiring skills is so important for young people’s future and to have a facility like this on their doorstep will give teenagers in Surbiton a really good opportunity.”

Added Justin Cooper, owner of Community Motors: “Sally from Recognition Express has been very responsive and helpful and she helped us select the most effective products for our needs and budget. From first contact to delivery was only about a week, and they even managed to get them here just before the first cold snap of winter! We’ve since ordered and received some pens from them too, which we’ll be making use of in the months to come.”

With the delayed onset of colder weather, orders for ice scrapers, golf umbrellas and embroidered fleeces are coming in at the same time as heart shaped items and other promotional gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Sally said: ”Who would have known that winter would be so late this year! In this industry we’ve learned to expect the unexpected and with over 20 years of experience our business is well placed to offer cost effective innovative solutions to clients all year round – whatever the weather.”

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