Leading ceramics supplier Listawood receives recognition for four of their innovative new products in the recent Merchandise World awards.

Their Patented ColourFusion PhotoMug received the Platinum award in the Most Innovative Product of the Year category. ColourFusion is a truly revolutionary print system which enables clients, for the first time, to print more surfaces on a mug than ever before. This is particularly effective on curved surfaces with branding all over the mug including on and under the handle, and right from the top to the bottom of the mug with a complex photographic image.

The Halo mug; a Pantone® matched rim applied to any of the suppliers mug styles, won best Desk Product with their Pantone® Matched Inner ColourCoat mug being awarded Silver in the same category.

Best Design Award was won by Listawood’s newest product launch, the ColourFill Enamel Mug; designs are etched into the body of the mug and have a pantone matched outer coating from just 120 pieces.

“We are very pleased that these new innovations have been well received and recognized with the Merchandise World awards.” Commented Alex Turner, Listawood’s Managing Director. “It’s part of our ongoing program to bring innovative new products and branding techniques to one of the industry’s most popular product lines.” Added Alex.

For more information on Listawood’s winning products and new product launches for 2018 visit www.listawood.com or contact the sales team on 01553 818842.