Laser engraving is an incredibly effective way of etching and marking using new laser technology. It’s a highly durable type of etching, which means that it will not rub off, alter or be affected by washing and re-use.

Here at UK Hip Flasks, our laser marking service allows you to customise products with your own logo, crest or other design. In contrast to other traceable marking methods including: ink jet and hand engraving, laser engraving does not fade over time.

As a Birmingham company, we stock and engrave our products in our warehouses. From only 25 items, you can get a branding opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

Because this is an ‘in-house’ service we can work with you to create a final product exactly to your specification. Turn-around times are also kept to a minimum and if you’re in a rush to grab your order, we can accommodate to you. Check out our website for previous examples of our work and pricing.