Businesses can add a spark to their promotional campaigns with a high quality Kingston® USB Flash Drive from Snap Products.
Kingston® is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory enhancement products. By using premium components coupled with a thorough testing and quality system that meets ISO 9001 standards, Kingston® can boast the most reliable memory products on the market.
Now Snap Products are able to offer Kingston® USB Flash Drives on a 24 hour express delivery service when engraved or finished with a full colour digital print and will also guarantee to hold prices for a month at a time.
The range includes the Kingston® DataTraveler 101 G2, a popular budget friendly model which offers an 8GB memory and a 14mm x 10mm area for laser engraving, and the best-selling swivel-capped Kingston® DataTraveler 101 G3 with a 16GB memory and a 15mm x 10mm area for laser engraving.
The Kingston® DataTraveler G4 and the Kingston® DataTraveler 100 G3 both have 8GB memories and support Windows® 8, Windows 7, Vista®, XP and Mac.  The G4 has a white body with a ring for easy attachment to a keyring and a 52 x 16mm print area for full colour digital images, while the 100 G3 has a black body and a durable sliding case with a 23mm x 14mm print area. The Kingston® DataTraveler 100 G3 is compliant with the next generation technology in the latest notebooks and digital devices.
The Kingston® DataTraveler SE9 is an executive USB Flash Drive with a stylish brushed silver metal case and a large sturdy ring for attaching to keyrings. It has an 8GB memory capacity and a large 39mm x 13mm area for laser engraving or spot print.
Kingston® offers a five year warranty on DataTraveler USB Flash Drives.  Orders can also be placed for as little as one piece online at
For more information or to order Kingston® DataTraveler USB Flash Drives, call 01252 796860 or email