German specialist in promotional sweets and confectionery Kalfany have been awarded  for the 4th time in a row by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschaft-Gessellschaft = German Agricultural Society’s) in the category for constant product quality.

5 years in a row, companies have had to participate in an international quality testing at the DLG Test Centre for Food/Grocieries, and need to receive per award year at least 3 awards. After the 5th successful participation, a company receives the award for constant product quality.

In the case that a company is not participating for one year or does not receive at least 3 awards in one year, it is no longer entitled to claim this award.

The participation at the international quality testing is voluntary. In the scope of quality testing for sweets and confectionery, the experts of DLG test each year the quality of more than 1,000 products. By sensory analysis, criteria such asappearance, smell and taste get tested by specific characters like general view, shape, decoration, colour, crack, bite and chew, as well as packaging and identification marking.

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