Popkakery is an exciting new brand, bringing something completely new to the market for corporate events and special occasions. Recognising that corporate hospitality and gifting are extremely valuable ways to enhance customer and client relations, they wanted to develop something truly special. And it so happens that what resonates with people more than anything else, what people take the most enjoyment from, is something refined, something clever, but above all, something they can eat!

So they started out with their core concept, their increasingly beloved “Popkakes”. These delectable cake pops on sticks are made with love and passion by their specialist bakers, and step by step have been making waves on the corporate scene. With a dark, moist, chocolate cake centre and luxurious Belgian white chocolate covering, not only are they utterly delicious and guaranteed to get conversations going, but they can add value to your branding! This is because they can print, using edible ink of course, almost any kind of logo or text you desire onto the popkakes themselves!

Since the beginning, they’ve also introduced a range of gourmet chocolate brownies and marshmallows, which can be varyingly customised through printing, tags and packaging to ensure they can provide the most bespoke products they possibly can. They’ve also expanded their selection of popkakes to include our fantastic cocktail flavoured “Poptails” and other simply irresistible recipes.

Their latest development is PopACard. Using their established range of exquisitely baked goods, PopACard is a gift box delivery service. They print high quality images or text, again of virtually anything you can think of, onto their elegantly designed gift boxes and fill them with the product of your choice. The result is a thoughtful, tasty and simply brilliant way to express your gratitude or appreciation to any number of persons.

Across their entire range of service offerings they can provide for the few, right up to the thousands. So no matter how big or small your event, from the intimate to the grand, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them so they can discuss your needs.