3D engraving is a real show stopper.  The ability to represent an image, design, logo or text in three dimensions within an optical crystal gift or award provides a brand with an item that is sure to leave a positive lasting message with customers.
Crystal Galleries is now taking 3D engraving to the next dimension.  Thanks to a significant investment in equipment, software and training they can now offer the technique across a wider range of products, with a higher quality finish and in shorter lead times than ever before.
Jeremy Lowes, Director of Crystal Galleries, said, “Whilst we have always provided 3D engraving, the technology available until now has limited what we are able to offer.  This internal upgrade means we can create so much more.  The higher quality in particular means that we can recreate even complex objects such as engines and buildings alongside the more traditional crests and logos.”
Commenting on what this means for his customers, Jeremy said, “because we can engrave more products and get them to our customers within a week in most cases, we believe that 3D engraving will become a more viable option for their clients.  Previously, the long time frames and limited shapes of blocks meant the technique didn’t always suit the fast paced and ever changing nature of the market.  Now, we can combine 3D with other techniques such as full colour printing and traditional engraving to create products that meet the end users’ unique requirements.”
For more information on 3D engraving you can visit the company’s new website; Crystal Galleries Innovations, at www.crystalinnovations.co.uk