Great Central Plastics designs and manufactures high quality plastic injection moulded products for both the promotional and automotive industry.
Established in 1998, the company has since grown rapidly into one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of products within these industry sectors. The company´s reputation is built on a commitment and dedication to quality, creativity and customer service.

Key Achievements

MAS introduced the “cube” concept to the factory and the importance of efficient utilisation of space. This resulted in the installation of new racking and further investment in a “reach” fork-lift truck. Pallet capacity in the factory quadrupled as a consequence.

A thorough audit, specifically on the flow of materials in and out of the factory, resulted in a complete factory redesign. The emphasis of this new layout was on improving the various processes within the factory, improving the flow of materials and ultimately improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

A massive improvement in the storage and presentation of materials has not only resulted in improved efficiency but resulted in a more pleasant, clutter free environment and a workforce that have responded very positively to the changes.

A quote from you, the MAS Advisor

Great Central Plastics is a highly innovative company with a team that is truly committed and highly passionate about growing the business.
MAS support has enabled the identification and targeting of inefficiencies within production by the introduction of Lean and a culture of continuous improvement.
This has supported the company’s ambitions to increase market share and develop further opportunities.”

A quote from the MD

“I was amazed at the difference in our working efficiency and layout after the MAS Advisor had been in and analysed our old working structure. You do not realise how unorganised you become over the years until a fresh perspective is put before you. This project has certainly improved our working practices and given the business a whole new feel and enthusiasm. Thank you MAS”

Manufacturing Challenge

The increase in activity and specifically the increase in high volume orders highlighted the need to work more efficiency, increase productivity and the need to utilise wasted space in the factory.

 MAS Action

Great Central Plastics is a highly driven business which successfully delivers high quality products and service to its customers.
With a clear vision for growth, it became clear that in order to facilitate this there would need to be a focused approach to identifying and reducing waste within all operations throughout the company.
Through Lean implementation, process mapping and by adopting a culture of continuous improvement, we were able to identify opportunities for manufacturing improvements.
These gave tangible cost savings to the business, resulting in improved productivity, reduced lead times and a significant improvement in warehouse flow and indirect labour costs to the business.


Changing the factory layout was just the first step in the “Lean Manfacturing” process outlined by MAS. As a result, the factory looks better, feels better and most important…runs better! As a company, we are constantly trying to improve efficiency and productivity and MAS has played a major role in improving the way we operate. This process is ongoing and we look forward to our next MAS assessment and further recommendations to improve our operating systems.