The name is everything to iName it and that’s why they’ve taken the decision to simplify the service they offer by using 1 rather than 2!

As their loyal customers are already aware, iName it is part of Prime Print Group, one of the fastest growing print & marketing companies in the UK; and as of October 1st they will be bringing consistency to their messaging by dissolving the iName it brand and bringing it under the Prime Group umbrella.

You will now find details of their products and services on the Prime Group website – – and all of their branding will now be consistent with the Prime Group. This will not affect the service you receive; in fact it will be better as it should be less confusing for you!

Don’t worry if you forget about this change and search for iName it on the web, all links are being redirected to the new site.

If you want to know more about the services offered by the Prime Group contact Tina on 0800 5429177 or email