A message from Nigel Pearce at Bagco:


“The Directors of Bagco Ltd met (remotely!) yesterday morning and concluded that we should suspend services from Friday this week.

Following the Prime Ministers broadcast last night, we have decided that to bring this forward to close of play today.

Consequently, all sales & production staff here in Westerham plus warehouse, despatch & print in Penistone (Booth Bros) will be furloughed until further notice-to be reviewed on a regular basis.

We do this for all the reasons you can imagine-safety being priority.


Practically speaking, the vast majority of our range is geared towards events & meetings etc, most if not all of which will be suspended at this time. We have also received communication from most of the external branding Companies that we work with informing us of their intention to close asap.


If you have an order in our system at present, our production team will have been in touch you’re your staff already over last 24 hours to discuss plans.


Effectively from next Monday-Bagco will reduce to just the Directors, myself and Sarah will monitor the sales office periodically, for quotes etc please e-mail to either nigel@bag-co.co.uk or sarah@bag-co.co.uk. Depending on availability of carriers/postal services & with some notice, it may be possible to despatch some samples.


At Booth Bros (our warehouse accounts and print)-similarly-Charlie & John Booth could in theory (subject to carriers, credit etc) still despatch some plain goods if required-and Accounts will continue to function via Sarah Booth sarah@booth-brothers.co.uk , but again, just the Directors.


This will remain the case until further notice-with regular reviews – but likely into May.


Effective this morning, we have stopped accepting orders from now – apologies – these are the strange times we are in!

Apologies for the inconveniences this might cause – let’s hope we all get through this safely & soon and can all roar back soon.


Stay Safe.

Nigel Pearce.”