Igo-Post B.V; also known as International Gift Organisation in Helmond, the Netherlands, is now known as Plato Group B.V. From 1 January 2018, the umbrella organisation Plato Group will encompass the following brands: IGO, Clipper, Promotiv, Compacon and Heroes of Print. 

Now that IGO-Post B.V. has also become Plato Group B.V., the name IGO-Post is a thing of the past. Earlier this year, IGO-Post as a brand name had already reverted to its old name IGO, which dates back to the 1950s. The new IGO is now only a brand name and since 4 September 2017, it has been a synonym for the perfect customer experience – convenient orders throughout the entire customer journey and personal, enthusiastic communication via phone, e-mail or chat.

The Plato Group vision

The vision of the Plato Group is to help everyone in Europe boost their visibility. This is a unique position on the market. Clients can rely not only on IGO, but also on Clipper, Promotiv, Compacon and Heroes of Print. Every brand has its own characteristics to meet specific client needs.

Clipper – also known as Promotiv in the Nordics – focuses on resellers in Europe. Compacon is a full service distributor and supports corporate companies in The Netherlands for an effective use of promotional products and gifts. Creativity, consulting, web shop solutions, warehousing and distribution are part of a total solution proposition. Compacon will expand her activities beginning of next year to France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. Heroes of Print is a new brand under development that allows consumers and private individuals to customise and order products online.

“Joining all these brands under one roof as Plato Group will allow us to act more transparently and create more synergies. Depending on the client’s needs we can offer anything from comprehensive online solutions to a thorough custom approach. This allows us to better assist clients aiming to boost their visibility and makes us an even more interesting party for job seekers, suppliers and partners”, Ron Boer, CCO of Plato Group, explained.

Market approach

From mid-2018 onwards, international marketing teams will be active for all brands from a new office in Barcelona. Moreover, to boost the new vision throughout Europe, the group recently appointed four Regional Leads for the regions: Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), D.A.CH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), South (France, Spain and Portugal) and UK/IE & Nordics (England, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway). The four Regional Leads are responsible for the market strategy and approach in their regions, and they maintain relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Launch of Heroes of Print
Heroes of Print is a new brand that is currently under development. It allows consumers and private individuals to customise and order products online. This platform will be launched on the Dutch market in early 2018 and it will be subsequently rolled out internationally to offer customised products to consumers all over Europe.