It’s truly amazing when you get a group of people; all complete strangers with a common cause, come together and bond so well.

The trek of 58km across some of Iceland’s gruelling territory was challenging, with the landscape constantly changing. Jake of Soopa Doopa Branding trekked through live lava fields, over ice, through valleys, across mountains, crossed ice cold rivers bare foot and finally back through green land.

The group of 58 was divided into two and their team leader; I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner Vicky Pattison, was a truly brilliant motivator to their group of 28. Both groups were fantastic in their determination. Coppafeel founder, Kris Hallenga who took place in her first trek and who has stage four cancer, was an absolute inspiration to those around her, as was each and every person involved in such a remarkable achievement.

Everyone that started the challenge was successful in completing it. Some were a bit worse for wear after trips and falls; many with blisters as a result of the effort.

Jake personally raised just shy of £4,000 when the target was £2,595, and the group as a whole has topped £164,000 so far. A big personal thank you from Jake and Coppafeel for people’s generosity and support. For anyone that wishes to donate now the challenge is compete, can still do so at