Are you sun aware?  These two brandable products are perfect for summer promotions.

Child’s Sun UV Watch – Watch Out! Be UV Safe!

This colourful UV watchband fixes around a child’s wrist and when exposed to the sun the central disc changes colour to indicate the intensity levels of UV present.  It is handy for day to day travelling and for holidays helping to protect children from overexposure by warning of high ultra violet levels and is available for overbranding from just 250 pcs upwards!

Product Code: BH560

Product Size: 180mm x 38mm

Imprint: 32mm x 14mm

UV Safe Card – Plenty of brandable space

This UV monitor will indicate the level of sun exposure, to warn against harmful UV rays and help to minimize the risk of skin cancer.  Flat and lightweight it is ideal for mailings and giveaways.

Product Code: BH210US

Product Size: 54mm x 85mm

Imprint: 36mm x 78mm

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