Welcome to the world of haptic advertising.

Time: 11am – Midnight
Venue: Cologne’s E-Werk
Tel.: +49/221/68911-35

Do you know what pit salt tastes like? What bacteria feels like? How to sell chainsaws with champagne?

Would you like to know?

Promotional products are sometimes laughed at – and often underestimated. And yet this marketing segment has a lot to offer. In 2013 a new platform is being created for the marketing world, which will allow the power and diversity of promotional products to be experienced: On March 20, 2013 the HAPTICA? live will be celebrating its premiere at Cologne’s E-Werk.  Marketing experts and entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to experience haptic advertising with all their senses, learn why when compared with all the different forms of advertising the promotional product has the highest rate of acceptance among the recipients, and what lends these touchable messengers their charm.

Approx. 40 exhibitors will be presenting the highlights of their portfolios at the HAPTICA? live. Furthermore, remarkable products and ideas will be on display in two special exhibitions: A best-practice show will demonstrate examples of successful campaigns that have implemented promotional products. And the exhibition of the winning products of the communication prize, the Promotional Gift Award 2013, will be showcasing prize-winning promotional products from give-aways, to custom-made products, through to premium products.

The event organised by the Cologne-based company, WA Publishing, addresses all those people who are professionally involved in marketing and haptic advertising: Promotional products buyers and advisers, marketing decision-makers, advertising agency employees, service providers of the advertising industry, but also company executives, who would like to take advantage of the opportunities this unique form of advertising provides.

The haptic advertising world of experience will be opening its doors on March 20, 2013 from 11 am to 6 pm at the E-Werk in Cologne. People, who would like to take advantage of the opportunity to network with fellow market players, are kindly invited to attend the subsequent evening get-together, which starts at 6 pm in the Dynamo Lounge of E-Werk. There is free admission to the day-time event, the evening event costs EUR 50 including the catering.

It is necessary to pre-register for the event at: