First Editions are pleased to launch their latest product range – H2GLOW. With two different styles of H2GLOW bottles and the innovative LED cap that gives the range its name, these products are sure to be a hit within the promotional market.

Within the H2GLOW range are runners and cycling bottles available in neon yellow and neon pink, both with the incredible flashing LED top that transforms these bottles into flashing beacons of light. Powered by ultra-bright LED lights, visible from 100m away and with a battery life of 72 hours, these will illuminate all who carry one whether on an early morning run, dusk cycle or simply a walk on an overcast day.

For walking to school or work, cycling or running, H2GLOW has a use for all. Everyone knows the importance of staying safe when out and about on roads and these products are perfect for alerting cars, other road users and pedestrians alike to your presence when out and about. Light, comfortable and robust, the H2GLOW bottles are made from day glow florescent material so even during the day, without the top switched on, the bottle will help keep you safe and visible.

Perfect for schools, running and cycling clubs, after dark events or even discos and raves, these bottles have the novelty factor that everyone can enjoy. Available from 50 pieces pre-printed with the H2GLOW or customised with your own logo with quick turnaround times. First Editions have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and are looking forward to providing this innovative new product which combines hydration and safety for all ages.