It’s June and as usual the English weather it’s as unpredictable as ever! But the sun is bound to come out soon… surely?!

Well Great Central Plastics Ltd are here to get you ready for when the sun has got his hat on and things start to heat up!

Now, while you are probably aware that Great Central Plastics offer a vast range of flyers to complement any promotion, this Summer it’s their Sky Surfers that are ready to set your campaign soaring!

Available in two sizes, their Sky Surfers really stand out from the rest with full colour printed labels or decals.  Plus, they can mould them in any solid or transparent colour, or even in glow in the dark material, ensuring you have an unmissable promotion!

Whether you opt for the smaller size, which are great for youngsters or as covermount freebies, or their regular size, which are ideal for summer family bonding or holiday games on the beach, Great Central Plastics’ Sky Surfers are not only competitive in price but also available at MOQ’s of just 250, making them a very affordable summertime promotional product no matter your budget!

So what are you waiting for?! Call Great Central Plastics today on 01327 264277 or email for a quotation or your free visual.