Can you believe it’s august already?!

And while there is still one month of summer left, it’s time to turn your focus on back to school promotions, but don’t panic, Great Central Plastics Ltd have a fantastic school and stationary range to ensure you an A* promotion!

While their range is packed full of fun and practical school products, if you’re looking for something bespoke at affordable prices, their striking stencils are definitely a product you should be considering.

They can create superb stencils in various sizes, with a wide range of shapes and designs, to draw out your customer’s creative side and let their imaginations sparkle. However, not only limited to objects and characters, their stencils can also be designed to use as an educational aid to improve literacy, numeracy and geometry skills.
In addition, if you are after something even more unique, why not opt for a Rotary stencil… A Stencil with a surprise! These are a fun way to create curiosity and mystery of what is being drawn and what your alluring brand message is.

Further to the limitless design options, Great Central Plastics can also moulded their stencils in any solid or transparent colours, or even pantone match them to suit your client’s brand, ensuring you have a one of a kind promotion.

So before the bell goes, speak to Great Central Plastics about your stunning stencil promotion! Call them today on 01327 264277 or email and find out more!