The words: lifestyle, trendy, cosmopolitan, contemporary, brave…and some might even say sexy, are words not easily associated with a trade promotional product range brochure…until now that is!

According to Colin Loughran, General Manager of Goldstar, who have just launched their latest autumn distributor brochure, “We have tried to break the mould of distributors having to wade through pages upon pages of boring pen photos by designing a colourful ‘lifestyle’ brochure. We want to change the way the industry is viewed. We are not simply pen sellers…we are selling products that enhance the image of the end user.”

The brochure was designed in-house by Goldstar‘s talented graphic design team, led by Kieran Reynolds, and would not look out of place on any newsagents’ magazine shelf alongside the likes of Vogue and Cosmopolitan!

Colin also added that “As well as looking impactful, the brochure also happens to have some fabulous offers inside!”

If you have not got your copy already, distributors should contact Chia DuViviers at +44 (0) 777 156 0018 or check out the Goldstar Europe website: