What have Pythagoras and Goldstar got in common? They both appreciated that certain objects are 360º, not flat!

Last year, Goldstar took that very same concept and applied it to the humble metal pen and according to General Manager, Colin Loughran they are now producing some of the finest and best value 360º laser decoration in the industry.

“360º laser engraving technology is revolutionising the humble metal pen and this year we’ve noted an exponential increase in demand. Gone are the headaches of struggling to fit large logos, detailed logos and crest artworks into a small and restrictive branding window.  Gone are the days of not being able to communicate a detailed message on a metal pen, and as distributors become more familiar with this branding technique we are witnessing greater creativity with branding concepts through 360º laser engraving”, Colin added.

After investing in 42 bespoke, in-house designed laser machines, Goldstar is reinforcing its strong presence in 360º engraving by investing in an additional two 360º laser machines.

Colin also enthused about the value offered by Goldstar:

“Goldstar guarantee our distribution partners unbeatable value and the healthiest of margins in 360º engraving, and to celebrate this fact we are extending our offer of free 360º engraving on our best-selling Bogart and Sinatra pen lines until the end of July.”

For information on how to become a Goldstar distribution partner, please contact Chia DuViviers at +44 (0) 777 156 0018 or check out the Goldstar Europe website: www.goldstar-europe.com.