Leading textile manufacturer Golden Finishes has recently introduced a brand-new product to their range of promotional textiles, the American Style Pennant.

GF has produced traditional chevron or triangular pennants for the past 25 years and recently introduced a new shape to meet customers growing demands. With clubs, societies and sports teams increasingly steering way from traditional pennants American style pennants have proved hugely popular – especially with the younger customer base!

Managing Director John Sheppard added ‘We recently added American style pennants to meet customer demand. Having produced these style pennants for a wide range of clients including sports teams, clubs and societies in the UK & across Europe over the past few years, and with the number of enquiries increasing year on year it made sense for us to add them to our range of textiles. Our core customer base of garment decorators and promotional products distributors have taken to the new product, if offers them a new product to offer their customers at a competitive price – we are really excited to see how the new product goes in the next few months!’

American style pennants are available in a selection of sizes, styles and finishes. For more information contact Golden Finishes on info@goldenfinishes.com | 029 2075 5733