Gift Selection, a promotional products distributor for over 30 years, is rebranding to Printkick.

Inder Brar, MD of Printkick commented “We are excited about our brand change which reflects our commitment to continual innovation, especially with regards to our online presence.  The promotional products market is on the cusp of technological disruption, and Printkick is our vehicle to respond to rapidly evolving end customer demands.”

He went on to say, “Year on year growth, and changing end customer demands were a major factor in the rebranding. Today’s millennial buyers demand a different experience to a traditional B2B selling style. We need to keep one step ahead of customers, competing against the likes of Amazon for a retail-like experience.”

Printkick and its sister websites, currently in development, are designed to provide customers with a flexible, powerful and simple eCommerce platform to order branded merchandise. Our new strapline, “Branding Made Simple” reflects this.

What’s to come from Printkick

The fragmented nature of the global promotional products market has hampered many industry efforts to adapt to a digitally driven world.

Traditional off the shelf systems struggle to cope with the volume and complexity of data involved in creating personalised items. This, coupled with a lack of consolidated technology including punch-in systems for orders means that email is still the preferred method of order input, leading to double keying and potential inefficiencies in all suppliers and distributors.

The data challenge is both an obstacle and an opportunity. Printkick believes that suppliers with unique products and print processes will win out in the long term.

Printkick’s focus on eCommerce as the future of promotional merchandise takes this into account, and they will shortly provide a flexible, design-led solution to end user customers.