London based creative merchandise company Face2Face has undergone a total brand review and unveils it’s new logo, strapline and website to support its ambition of becoming an ideas minded company. The Brand Room reflects the founder’s commitment to providing inspiring creative ideas that not only rockets their clients expectations into orbit, but totally shifts the way in which companies think about branded merchandise.

Mitul Patel, founder and Managing Director of The Brand Room commented, “From the outset in 2002, what differentiated Face2Face was our passion for hunting out really cool ideas, its part of our fabric and DNA. Yes, we brand stuff like most companies, but it’s our relentless obsession about innovation, new technologies and thinking without walls that makes us different. And our new brand identity and strapline ‘where ideas live’ reflects this attitude but remains deep rooted in our heritage…besides, Bolt our resident French Bulldog needed a new sofa to nap on.”

Fourteen years on and the business is thriving due to the continuous investment in talent and business infrastructure, which is driving their future expansion plans. Rekha Thakrar, former commercial lawyer and managing partner added: “Over the past few years we’ve recognised the importance to inject shrewd commercial and financial management to sustain growth and strengthen our position as a leading creative merchandise company.”

As the brand is rolled out during 2017, the team at The Brand Room is planning a series of events and social media campaigns to communicate with clients their desire to introduce ‘brand authenticity’ through inspiring ideas.