Attention all, Great Central Plastics are about to cause a stir!

Great Central Plastics are putting it out there… They believe James Bond was wrong and that drinks should be stirred not shaken!

While they are sure Mr 007 had his reasons for liking his drink this way, they believe the ideal drink is gently mixed to perfection, and due to the popularity of their Swizzle Sticks, they think you may agree.

Now, while most of you are probably familiar with their array of Swizzle Sticks and Cocktails Sticks, available in both standard and bespoke designs, did you know they also offer a fun, Clipstick alternative?

At Great Central Plastics, they like to mix it up from time to time and that’s why they designed a clipable drink stirrer. There is NOTHING (that may be  a slight exaggeration but it’s pretty much true) more annoying than when you lose your stirrer in your drink. You’re then left to try and coolly fish it out, which is hard enough at the start of the night but near enough impossible by the end.

Well you can safely put those days behind you. Just like the name suggests their Clipstick Swizzle Sticks allow your customers to clip their swizzle stick to the side of their drink after they have stirred.

The instructions are simple. Stir and clip. Repeat if necessary.

Moulded in a range of solid or transparent colours, their Clipstick swizzle sticks are highly brandable and can be supplied printed from one spot colour, to a full, vibrant digital print, on one or both sides.

In addition to their standard Clipsticks, if you’re feeling extra creative, why not enquire about a custom design and really give your client that extra POP!

So stir up a storm on your next promotion and contact Great Central Plastics on 01327 264277 or email