On Monday 17th June 2017, Fluid Branding’s CEO Matt Franks started his journey from Cornwall via London and Nairobi to the rural community of Rongai, thirty minutes north of Nakuru. The trip was associated with Cornwall College and The Vanessa Grant Trust charity. After being intrigued and inspired by the ongoing charity work of his friends Ross & Lauren Sundercombe, this year Matt had the opportunity to see for himself where some of the money that Fluid have raised in recent years has been spent.

The team of volunteers included nine students and four adult leaders and they ran various community, educational and vocational projects in the remote African town.

With unemployment so high in Kenya, the prospects for children leaving education is of real concern. Matt had the privilege of delivering a series of business workshops around entrepreneurship to thirty girls aged 15 -16 at the Vanessa Grant Girls School. The girls came from all over Kenya and are sponsored or offered scholarship, and will likely go onto university with the prospect of a successful career. Matt commented: “The eagerness and intelligence of the girls I worked with was inspiring, especially compared to those in developed countries who live such fortunate lives”.

The group also handed out vital donations, from school resources to solar lights to those without power. Matt adds” Any feeling of selflessness or altruism coming from helping those in dire need was totally outweighed by frustration for those you couldn’t help. With crops failing this year, the short-term nature of our support weighed heavy with me.”

The trip concluded with a two-day safari to the Masai Mara, where the group saw the “big five” up close and personal. The perfect backdrop to reflect on the whole trip.

Matt concluded|: “This was an amazing experience and one I’d actively encourage anybody to do. I was lucky enough to take two of my own children this year as part of the student group. I believe it will have a profound and lasting effect on all of our lives”.

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