Kingly have a new purposefully built factory dedicated to producing compressed T-Shirts and screen-printing.

Lead times have been dramatically reduced and trade prices have been adjusted down thanks to faster production lines.

Kingly have just introduced CREATIVE GARMENT PACKAGING, an awesome way to add value and appeal to personalized T-Shirts and towels at rock bottom prices. How about a towel in a cup, a T-shirt shaped into a burger and a T-Shirt that can be sent by Royal Mail with savings of 60% in postage costs?

The whole point of a promotion is to make a lasting impression on customers. Creative garment packaging will certainly do that. It is what everybody desires… exciting and engaging promotions.

Best part? It costs a lot cheaper than what you think!

Interested? Kingly have made it easy to promote their range of products with the introduction of an all new anonymous web page:

Not only that but you can request a personalized HD video of the product, receive a download link to view images and catalogue. Samples available upon request.