Eco Promo, the Eurozone trading division of Everything Environmental Ltd, has added a further two new members of staff to its sales and customer service team.

Adrian Zralka and Natalie Grover, who are both highly experienced and skilled, join Eco Promo as it expands its growing sales team for the German and Austrian markets as well as the rest of Europe.

Other changes at the company have seen Jenny Brito, who was previously responsible for all non-German speaking sales move into a more encompassing role, which will allow her to focus her time and effort on her native French market. The expanding team now collectively speaks English, French and German as well as Polish and Spanish.

Eco Promo is Europe’s leading supplier of eco-friendly and ethically sourced promotional merchandise.

Evan Lewis, Managing Director of Eco Promo and Everything Environmental commented: “It’s great to have the new team members on board as we grow the company and expand further into Europe. It’s an exciting time ahead for Eco Promo and there is plenty to look forward to as we introduce new products and launch into new market places.”

Image: Left to right, Jenny Brito, Natalie Grover and Adrian Zralka