Event Merchandising Ltd hits a milestone on Wednesday 1st March 2017 with its 35th year anniversary. Founder Chairman, Martin Goldsmith is proud to have seen the company grow from strength to strength over the last 35 years.

Starting out as a freelancer in the world of retail and exhibition displays, Martin saw an opportunity to start up his own business in branded concert merchandise here in the UK, in conjunction with his brother Harvey Goldsmith – well known Promoter in the music industry.

In Martin’s own words, “I approached Cliff Richard whose words still ring in my ears ‘Who in the hell wants to buy a T-Shirt with my face on it?’… 40 years later the fans are still buying his swag”.

Martin’s greatest days of merchandising was one day’s trading at Wembley Stadium – World Wrestling Federation Summer Slam 1992, selling an impressive £1m+. His most pleasurable times has been working with Pavarotti and Live Aid amongst a whole host of renowned artists and events, not forgetting the much-loved British film James Bond.
Martin has taken a step back from the fast-paced merchandise industry, enjoying life, loving tennis and jazz (and keeping the office tidy!), whilst the company continues to grow in the hands of his son’s Jeremy and Paul Goldsmith with the support from a fantastic and loyal team.

From past legends Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Three Tenors, Stars of Classical Music and National Theatre, Event! continues to keep legendary status by working with the present – Harley Davidson, Formula E and Tough Mudder. Social media and the evolving world of YouTube creators, Music, Film and Online heroes form our ever-growing portfolio of happy clients around the world.