From the first hello, potential customers should be of massive importance to any business. Once converted, building a strong relationship with these clients is a massive part of gaining retained business.

Ongoing retention campaigns are a focus for businesses, as it enables them to keep their client base steady and maintain positive relationships with their clients. There are a wide range of options out there.

For many businesses, using promotional merchandise is a key part of retention, whether it’s sending out a branded pen or notepad, or even something more tactile like a keyring.

We specialise in a different kind of promotional merchandise, which we find is very high impact when it comes to creating goodwill between businesses and their clients. Many of our clients send out edible treats to their valued connections, as a way of saying thank you, sorry or ‘just because’.

We challenge you to find a way of making clients smile quicker than a giftbox of cupcakes, or perhaps some branded shortbread.

One of our recent customers commented on how the “sales team made it very easy to order large bulk orders to many different addresses – had very good feedback from customers who we’ve sent out Eat My Logo giftboxes to. Overall very happy”

So, if your clients are keen on customer retention, why not suggest something fresh and unique?

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