EcoSense, the sustainability information series brought to you by The Pen Warehouse, will be returning next week with a brand-new look, layout and schedule.

Content: The blogs will now be available as a condensed version to allow users to download the information for use in their own marketing collateral.

Images: All images will be available in an accessible folder for users to download and share with their own content.

Schedule: To ensure consistency and quality of content, posts will now be every two weeks.

The blog has recently covered key topics such as the Environment Bill, the end of life impact of promotional products and tips for improving processes and practices. The series serves as both a platform for discussion and as a space for navigating sustainability in a safe, practical way.

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, comments: “EcoSense has proved itself as a successful tool in the sharing of sustainability news, and we’d like to thank our customers for their support to date.  These changes will enhance the platform for readers to use the content in their own marketing or in-house practices.”

EcoSense will be released on a bi-monthly basis via The Pen Warehouse’s blog page. Follow the series at, and feel free to email any suggestions for future topics