Informational series EcoSense is back for 2020 via The Pen Warehouse’s blog page.

Having navigated a number of important topics around the sustainability discussion last year, EcoSense will continue to educate through the sharing of practice, product innovation and ideas from inside and outside the promotional products industry.

During 2019, EcoSense covered such topics as the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals, the concept of Circular Economy, as well as informative posts about packaging considerations and making sense of sustainability jargon.

Now that The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products Ltd have officially moved into their new HQ, attentions have turned to housekeeping policies and practices. As such, the latest edition of EcoSense discusses tips for eco-friendly cleaning and manufacturing that the companies are actively adopting and exploring.

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, states: “2020 is an opportunity to further educate ourselves, our customers and our industry about the environmental issues that affect our profession. EcoSense will continue to be a platform for dialog and we welcome any suggestions for future content. Thank you to all our customers and other suppliers who contributed to the blog in 2019.”

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