As a business focused on the production of environmentally and socially sustainable promotional items, Bagco Asia believe it’s “go green or go home”.

Their newest jute and cotton product lines, the top sellers in their environmentally-friendly range, are safe, cost-effective, and of course, sustainable! So when do you choose jute and when do you go for cotton?

Jute vs Cotton

• Choose jute when you need to do heavy duty shopping. When it comes to the nature of the fibre, jute is strong, while cotton light and gentle. Both are durable.

• Choose cotton if you wash bags every now and then. Cotton is easy to throw in the wash, and if you can’t stand a single stain then cotton is your best bet.

• Compared with cotton, jute is more affordable as it is found in many tropical countries with lower labor and production costs, and thus more cost-effective for mass production.

• Jute is UV protective by nature. Did you know it’s also used as a material for sound and heat insulation products? It’s a versatile material, particularly for summer.

Check their latest e-catalogue here for the full range of jute and cotton products.