At Eat My Logo, we’ve had an exciting year providing edible promotional merchandise to some of the UK’s best loved brands. Below are some examples of our favourite orders, and how businesses used branded treats to take their marketing to a new level!


  • Transport for Greater Manchester: Individual Cupcake Pots

Manchester’s Tram Network launched the introduction of contactless payment with the help of some individually packaged filled cupcakes. Their message ‘contactless is a piece of cake’ was on the top of each cake, with a bold yellow theme to match their branding. This was a unique and convenient way to announce the new technology and create some goodwill with their customers!

  • Public Transport Brand Activation: Frosted Cupcakes

One of London’s largest Transport firms used our Cupcakes as a giveaway on the day of their takeover of a prominent rail route. They ordered 25,000 units for delivery to 7 locations around the UK. The cakes were handed out to commuters as they made their morning journeys. Not only was this a fantastic way to create some further brand awareness, it was a great way for them to introduce themselves to new customers and make a lasting impression.

  • Airline Birthday Celebration: Bespoke Cloud Shaped Biscuits

We were given a brief to create a bespoke cloud shaped shortbread biscuit for use by an airline as part of their anniversary celebrations. We supplied 11,500 units for delivery to locations across the UK. They were completely unique as we designed a bespoke biscuit cutter and were used as part of a wider giveaway campaign.

  • Software Firm: Letterbox Brownie Packs

A software company approached us looking for a cost-effective way to thank their clients and introduce themselves to potential new customers. We suggested our mail-able letterbox pack, containing 6 brownie bites and some promotional literature. It has worked well as a high impact way to directly reach new customers and retain existing accounts!


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