Eat My Logo have recently completed their largest cupcake order yet, 18,000 units to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of the UK’s largest television and media companies, one for each member of staff. These were delivered to almost 80 locations across the UK and Ireland. The team at Eat My Logo have worked extremely hard over the past couple of weeks, adhering to tight deadlines to ensure they meet all their targets to get the order completed on time for the client!

“We are so proud of all our staff here as everyone has pulled together in a real team effort to produce an extremely tasty product that looks fantastic and represents the brand in a great way too!”

Our delicious branded merchandise brings plenty of goodwill towards the business and they are great stand out products, perfect for exhibitions or events!

The feedback we got was brilliant! They said they were “so pleased to see the amount of social media coverage generated and was a fantastic way to kick off celebrations for their 30th Birthday!”