Tuesday 25th June
1pm: Complimentary Lunch
1.30pm to 4pm: Presentation & Questions

Sourcing City | The Hub | Fowler Avenue | Farnborough | GU14 7JP | Tel: 0844 504 5000

Visit Our Roadshow & Find Out About:
– Who our customers are, what is happening in the market today, and so much more.
– The World of Sourcing City – Brands & Services
– Sourcing City: Making the site work for you
– How to gain extra click through activity
– How banner ads work
– Effective Dynamic Mailing
– Gaining End User Exposure
– Sourcing City publishews
– Skin Sites
– SC Events
– Purple Club

 Why Does Sourcing City Have So Many Sales Opportunities – Well, Did trashou Know?

– 58% of the Entire Industry Spend is sourced through Sourcing City Customers
– All distributors over ?3m Turnover subscribe to Sourcing City
– 75% of all distributors over ?1m Turnover subscribe to Sourcing City
– Over 2,000 Industry Professional Distributors search for product on Sourcing City every month.

If you need any further information please contact Liz on: liz@sourcingcity.co.uk