The Pen Warehouse has a long history of designing pen ranges in-house. As the UK’s leading trade-only supplier of promotional writing instruments, it has invested considerable resource in developing unique products not available from any other supplier. These designs are always registered in the UK, EU and US and any infringement of design rights are vigorously defended.

The Pen Warehouse is keen to make the trade aware of the products for which it holds the design registration, and it welcomes feedback on any copies that might infringe these design rights.

The list of The Pen Warehouse’s design registered products is extensive, but here are some of the most popular lines:

  • The Contour Digital Ballpen has a unique barrel shape developed for a larger digital printing area and is registered design no 00223996-0001.
  • The Contour Wrap Ballpen was designed to allow a full colour transfer wrap print to the entire barrel and is registered design no 002330787-0004.
  • The Albion Grip Ballpen was developed for digital transfer printing to a large branding area and is registered design no 002330787-0003.
  • The Electra Touch Ballpen was designed with the signature chrome rings closer to the tip to allow a larger printing and engraving area. It is registered no 002330787-0005.
  • The System Ballpen range was developed for digital transfer printing around 360° of the barrel. Each pen in the range is a registered design.

These products are only available from The Pen Warehouse. Please contact if you find infringing copies available from other suppliers.

The Pen Warehouse thanks the trade for their assistance in this matter and for their continued support and custom.